Sep 10

Lost my knitting mojo for a bit

I haven’t fully regained my knitting mojo, it comes and goes, but I try to squeeze something in every now and then. Like tiny cozies for tiny ice creams.
Because, why not?
Yes, it works.
No more cold fingers!
I even did some knitting for a school project, but more on that later.
I’ve noticed that as graduation (what, really?) gets closer for me, I find myself with less and less time to knit, but the next three weeks I’m on break, and I’ve already started perusing my Ravelry queue for ideas on what to knit. For a while though, I’d just look and look at patterns and not knit anything, always feeling too tired and just straight burnt out. But I think I’ve finally returned, even if it’s only for a short bit until the next quarter starts.


  1. Those ice cream cozies are too cute!

  2. urban craft says:

    it’s like what knit cozies were meant for!
    I love it!

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