Jan 14

Fingerless gloves, for me.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy and good pair of fingerless gloves. This city doesn’t get freezing cold, but we do tend to bundle up if the temperature drops below 70 degrees! The point is, my hands don’t need full coverage when it’s “cold,” so fingerless gloves are perfect. Wearing fingerless gloves reminds me of the extra long sweaters I’d wear in high school – the ones that went over my wrists and covered my hands. Also, these gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm while maintaining use of your fingers to check your phone, take a picture, knit, or anything else you need your hands for!

Raveled here.

These were knit in good ol’ Malabrigo Rios – one of my favorite yarns. It’s affordable and the colorways are vibrant and expensive looking. I wanted something easy, so I went with Peakaboo Mitts and, for the first time with gloves, I knit two at a time! I used the method shown here and let me tell you: I’m never knitting gloves one at time again! In fact, I think the last time I made gloves, I only made one and never got to the second, whoops!
Can we talk about blogging for a moment? I miss it. I miss the days of updating my Livejournal with the boring events of my day. Remember when they were called weblogs? I always want to revive this blog, but what will I write about? Knitting, obviously. Life, maybe. My biggest challenge, and the one that keeps me from writing, is finding a balance between my privacy and what I want to share. I want my real life to be separate from my online presence (like it was in the old days!), if that makes any sense. So instead of writing, I get paralyzed by the fear of, “what will my friends/co-workers/cats think of me if they read my blog?” I’ve been thinking about this and you know what? The only way to find balance and tackle my fears is to write. So here goes nothing.

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