Jan 12

This hat.

The best hat!
I love this hat. I saw the pattern ages ago, added it to my Ravelry queue, admired it, but was too intimidated to actually knit one. I never really looked at the pattern, but the pictures were enough to make me think it would be too difficult. Little ol’ me too intimidated by the PHOTO of a pattern to actually try it? That sounds about right. I mean, the peak, the ears, how’d they do it?!?!?! How would I do it?
But finally I decided to read through at the pattern and it actually looked doable! It’s a pretty neat construction. You knit the back and ears and then pick-up stitches around the back piece to knit the front. The pattern suggests you do this with straight needles, but please do yourself a favor and use DPNs, there is no way this can be done with straight needles!
One warning though – this hat is super adorable. Be prepared to have strangers talk to you when you take your baby out in it! People can’t help but to tell you how gorgeous your child is!

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