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I have a feeling that I am going to get familiar with a lot of snuggly yarns as I start knitting for all the impending babies. I’ve done the math: I currently know about seven (yes – SEVEN) pregnant women! I will be knitting a little something for about five of them. There must be something in the water in this town, because last weekend I saw pregnant women everywhere I went! The mall, Ikea, Target, Chipotle – of course, a co-worker pointed out that those are placed you’d find pregnant women, but still. I feel like there was a “let’s all have babies in the Fall” meeting that I wasn’t invited to! No problem, I don’t plan on making babies for another few years.  ;) 
Here is baby sweater #1:
Baby sweater
I just need to block it and sew it up – yay, my favorite part (are you sensing the sarcasm here?). It’s made form Blue Sky Alpacas cotton yarn which was a dream to work with. It’s so soft and smells really good. Who would have thought that a great smelling yarn would make it so much better to work with?
I’m excited because there are so many adorable (and quick) baby patterns out there just waiting for me to knit them up! If you’ve browse through my queue at Ravelry you will notice that I have been queuing tons of baby patterns.
Now I just need to do the research and find more baby friendly yarns to knit with. I’m staying away from wool and looking at working with various cotton yarns. The fall/winter weather is very mild in Southern California, so I don’t have to worry about making super-dooper warm knits.


I am quite hooked on making fingerless gloves. So far, the fingerless gloves from Weekend Knitting are my favorite. This is the third, maybe fourth pair that I make. I think I’m going to have to frog this one though, it seems a bit bigger than what I need. Plus, I’m over this red yarn.


I’ve got some pink yarn in my stash that should work wonderfully.  The pink yarn will also keep me in line with Project Spectrum. I’m so eager to participate this year! I watched the Flickr pool last year, and by the time I wanted to join in, it was too late! This years colors are related to the elements, which I think is really neat.


Hmm, I also joined a Valentine’s Day postcards swap, I need to make ten postcards ASAP and I am feeling so uninspired.

I’m still here!  I’ve been knitting the wedding planning stress away!  In doing so I’ve been neglecting this blog, oops! 
.I started a pair of dashing for the fiance, I was so surprised when I he asked me to knit gloves for him!  I’ve always wanted to knit something for him, but he’s not really a knitwear kind of guy.  However lately, his hands have been freezing, so he asked me to knit some fingerless gloves for him.  I must’ve got distracted at some point because the second glove is sitting on my desk, just waiting for a thumb!  Poor guy, I will make sure to finish it up soon, before the season is over.  Gah!  I think I will do that right now!       

Last night, while adding the cardigan I am working on to my Ravelry projects, I noticed something new:




You can now update wips with your progress! I marked the sweater down as 5% completed. I don’t know if this is something new, or just a new discovery for me, but I love it.


Speaking of the sweater, I made some progress on it at a staff retreat on Friday. The back is about halfway done. I’m loving this yarn too, it has a nice swing to it. Oh, if only you could have seen me last night while I demonstrated this to the fiance.


ME: (holding the wip up in the air) you see, you see how it bounces?

HIM: Yeah…. 


HIM: ……

To knit for, that is.  Well actually she’s a toddler…I give you a shot of her foot as proof: 




This is my niece, Nasreene.  She’s a silly three year old, and I’ve decided to knit this sweater for her. According to her mom she is a size three, but I’ve decided to knit the biggest once, since she might be in middle school by the time I’m done with it! No, I just figure it’s better for me to knit it bigger so it will last her longer.


Here is my progress so far:




I promise the will not be frogged!