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I always find things when I am not looking for them! Last night, while walking out of our bedroom I noticed something in a binder above my desk:


My freakin’ moleskin, the one I’ve been looking for and given up on! Turns out it’s just been sitting on this shelf, tucked inside a binder that I use to organize various pattern from the web.  I don’t even remember how it got there, but I am so happy to have it back!

Over the summer I started using a Moleskin notebook to write down ideas for potential patterns and notes for attempted patterns, both successful and unsuccessful. It made my life easier because writing everything down was so much better than trying to remember what did and didn’t work with a pattern.

This week, I wanted to finish a hat that I started making for a swap, which I wanted to blog about and share the pattern, but I cannot find the notebook! I looked everywhere, my car, the apartment, Louis’ car, my office…nothing. I can’t find it. The last time I remember seeing it was at a staff retreat which took place on Halloween. I knit a hat while things were happening. Now my fear is that I left it on the there on the table! I’m going to have to do some major cleaning this weekend because I really want it to be somewhere in my messy apartment.

Please….please…please be in my messy apartment!

Felt Club

If you’re in L.A. tomorrow, you should stop by Felt Club!

Check it out! I couldn’t help myself when I saw these initial rings at GirlPROPS. I also bought this owl ring, but…uh—it broke already! It’s okay, that nothing some E6000 can’t fix!

Welcome to my new blog! I had been kicking around the idea of starting a blog but didn’t because I’ve lost confidence in my follow through. However, I recently signed up for Ravelry, which is quite addicting, and I realized how useful a blog would be to my knitting/crochet projects. So, here I am!